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6 Most Effective Home Remedies for Shoulder Pain

What is a shoulder pain? A shoulder pain is a wide symptom which may have various reasons. An abnormal happens in the cardiovascular, the digestive, or the musculoskeletal system all can lead to the shoulder pain. Depend on characteristics of the shoulder pain, there is

is cocaine water soluble

Is cocaine water soluble?

Cocaine is a heavy drug and it is used most widely in the United States of America. According Office of National Drug Control Policy approximately 3.6 billion Americans are cocaine addicts. The stats also show, 27 million people were addicted to it in 2014. In

careem data hacked

Careem data hacked: 14 million users affected in cyber attack

Careem data hacked in January 2018, data of 14 million customer’s compromised, according to the company.  Famous ride-hailing company Careem is facing a data breach. According to company’s own investigation, it has found that around 14 million consumer and captain accounts were compromised. Careem data