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Best relationship advice: How to not ruin your relationship?

No doubt, a healthy relationship is a source of continuous joy and happiness in your life. Married people often enjoy their life better. Also, the feeling of being cared by your lover brings utmost happiness. Unfortunately, love doesn’t prevail in every relationship. Indeed, lovebirds lead a healthy, happy, mentally strong and beautiful life; many suffer all these due to an unhealthy relationship. It takes utmost belief, trust and willingness to live happily together. If any of both partners are not willing to live together, there is no way you two can live happily together. The best relationship advice is to stay loyal. But, many times people ruin their lovely couple mere due to not having a proper way to handle a situation. Here we are sharing some great relationship tips from experts on how to not ruin your relationship?

Everyone has a different thinking; people always fall in love or come closer due to different reasons. And also, it is very difficult to predict anyone in an instance. However, once the two of you are in a relationship, you need to work it out. “Falling in love” seems simple to many people, but keeping the love intact requires an effort and care from both the sides. So, what efforts or relationship advice do you need to keep that bond of love strong? Read down below:

Relationship advice: What negatively impacts a relationship?

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Sometimes we are not even aware but we hurt someone badly. Though it was not your intent, it puts a negative impact on the personality. Because in a relationship, expectations are always higher than ever, a slight negligence can break your partner’s heart. Here are some key things that put a negative impact on your partner.

Not staying connected:

The worst mistake you can ever make in a relationship is not staying connected to each other. Even in busy schedules you should and must stay connected. The best ingredient of healthier, stronger and lasting relations is, understanding. Distance dissolves understanding out of any relation. While at first, everything may seem going smoothly, it slowly and unknowingly creates and distance, which ultimately results in less understanding.

Forcing your decision:

The conflicting decision is a norm in married life. But solving them with patience, reason and respecting others is the best way. If you think, only you can be right and others should follow whatever you say, that isn’t going to work out. At one stage or the other, it is going to break your love apart. Everyone can be right and everyone can be wrong. The need is to respect and value everyone’s decision or advice. So, never force your decision on your partner.

Expecting too much:

Sometimes expectations lead humans to disappointment. It is very difficult to satisfy someone. And when someone fails to fulfill those expectations, people take it to heart.  One expectation not fulfilled, another thought but still the same and then you start to think your partner is no longer interested in you. This is when bad things start to happen, trust just vanishes from your relationship and you two often quarrel over little things. Therefore, do not expect too much from anyone. However, expecting some is always a nice way of keeping lovely juices up.

Relationship advice: how to live a happy life with your partner?

Getting in the relationship is easy but working it out is difficult. We have joined hands with some experts to provide best relationship advice and here is what we got from some of the top relationship advice.

Spend time together:

This is the most repeated advice we’ve heard. Almost every relationship advice topic chit-chat with an expert had this at the very top position. And it really is, because when you spend time together, you create memories. And these memories are what stay people together even if they have to move away from someone temporarily. Digital communication is good but it isn’t as emotionally capable of presenting feelings as face-to-face communication. Also, most people feel comfortable to share different life experiences with their partner on their face. Therefore, it is extremely important to make time for your partner and spend some quality time together.

How can you do it?

Weekends are the perfect delight to visit your partner. If you two are staying together, make your weekend enjoyable by making a trip to your favorite destination. A formal dinner or a date night would just work everything out for you. Also, you can make your partner happy by involving in some activity that both of you enjoy.

Have sex more often:

Physical intimacy is another very important thing and a crucial part of any relationship, relationship advice too. Getting involved in sexual practices boosts trust on both parties and strengthens the bond of love between the couple. According to the research, regular physical intimation increases oxytocin, which is a substance that increases love and affection.

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Sex is the last stop but not the least one, holding hands, hugging, kissing, and showing affection by touching is also important. But everything has a limit, do not overdo or touch when your partner isn’t feeling comfortable. Respect your partner’s feelings about intimacy, make them feel special and try to pleasure and comfort him/her.

Give and take keeps relationship alive, the best relationship advice:

Compromise and sacrifice are necessary parts of any strong and happy relationship. Yours should also offer compromise and sacrifice too, but there should be a limit for each of you. Do not expect 100% every time, nobody is perfect, and disappointment can lead to a dead end.

Know the likes and dislikes of your partner; try to find out what is important for them. Try to make him/her happy by practicing their liked habits more, this will establish goodwill and strengthen love between the couple. But this may backfire if only one has to sacrifice each time. So, both should be well aware and should appreciate others compromise while returning the favor.

Ups and downs are the part of life, be prepared:

Love is a very strong feeling but we cannot predict future. Also, environment and situations can change persons, so you should be ready for the worst of your life. Sometimes people are going from the hardest part of your life, buckle your partner up and show your support in such a situation. Let them know you care for them and are always there. A conflict may arise between the duo, sit down together, talk to each other and sort things out. Carefully listen to what your partner is saying if you are wrong accepting it and apologizing is the best thing you can do, so no hesitation.

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