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Careem data hacked: 14 million users affected in cyber attack

Careem data hacked in January 2018, data of 14 million customer’s compromised, according to the company. 

Famous ride-hailing company Careem is facing a data breach. According to company’s own investigation, it has found that around 14 million consumer and captain accounts were compromised. Careem data hack is not the only incident to have happened in a previous year. There are many big companies who sometimes feel to such criminal activities. The immediate remedy to stay safe in Careem data hacked scenario is to change your passwords immediately. Here are following tips you should follow to make sure your account is safe:

  1. Change your password immediately. Also, change your password across all social channels if you are using a similar password. Write a complex one including numbers, capital, and small letters, alphanumeric characters.
  2. Do not follow any suspicious link or give personal information to anyone except for authorized channels.
  3. Do not reply to or click a link provided in an email to safeguard your account information.

Careem captions caution:

If you are a Careem captain and are using credit card details, review your bank and card activity immediately. If you see any suspicious activity you can call your bank.

What actually happened in Careem Data hack?

In a blog post published on company’s own website, Careem notified its customers that in January 2018, the company went through a major data hack. Though the notification from the company came very late, they are trying to convince their customers that everything is fine and no confidential information has been leaked. However, complete information about breach cannot be made public right now.

Following data was stolen in cyber attack:

  • Customer Names
  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Trip data

According to the company, they use a third party PCP-compliant server for all customers bank and credit card related information. However, they cannot say at this time whether hackers had access to this data.

The official statement about credit card details from Careem is,

“3. Are my credit card details and passwords safe?

There is no evidence that your password or credit card number has been compromised. Customers’ credit card information is kept on an external third-party PCP-compliant server. A PCP server uses highly secure protocols and is employed by international banks around the globe to protect financial information.”

Careem data Hacked: How many users affected by Careem data breach?

According to the company, Name, emails, phone numbers and trip data of more than 14 millions of its consumers was compromised. Careem currently operates in more than 14 countries and 100 cities, with total data of 20 million people.

careem data hacked

The officials did not clarify on which geographical regions were most affected. Also, there is no official news about whether the ride-hailing giant has gained access to the data.

According to sources, Careem officials were not aware of the breach, until hackers contacted them. The exact magnitude of hack could not still be calculated by the company.

Careem apologizes to its customers for data hack:

Any person who is related to IT industry knows these attacks continuously happen. However, ride booking app took this breach as a caution and apologized to its customers.

“We apologize for what has happened but rest assured, Careem has learned from this experience and will come out of it a stronger and more resilient organization. We remain dedicated to our mission of supporting the millions of captains and customers in the region who depend on Careem to earn a living and get around.”

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