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Complete Guide: How long does cocaine stay in your system?

Generally, cocaine stays in your system for about 2-4 days. However, there are certain conditions to determine how long does cocaine stay in your system?

Any and each drug has some time frame during which it stays an addict’s body. Cocaine also stays in your body in form of urine, hair, blood, saliva and few others. However, to exactly determine the detectable time, we need to look at factors such as the amount of dose taken, time, person’s addiction level and etc. However, a slight indication for regular users is that they can be detected even after of week or so.

Usage types and their effects:

Before we peak into how long does cocaine stay in your system? It is important to discuss several ways to consume it because it impacts greatly.


Injecting the drug into your veins instantly triggers effects and can be felt within mere 5 minutes of injecting.


If you snort cocaine, you may feel effects within the 30 minutes.


Smoking effects are rather slow then injection and snorting and can be felt within 45 minutes of use.

Oral ingestion:

Oral ingestion starts acting on your body after 60 minutes of usage.

Types of cocaine screening tests:

If you are going to undergo cocaine screening test, it greatly depends on what type of screening you undergo. Because there are different metrics and factors that influence, the result after each test may vary. So, it is also important to know that different test results may provide different results. Let’s have a look at common methods for cocaine screening in the body of an addict.


One way to find out cocaine consumption is via saliva testing. It can be easily done and provides pretty accurate results. But, the time to detect drugs into the saliva is very short. On average, cocaine is detectable in saliva for about 5-10 minutes after use. However, usage and addiction factors also play their role here. It can be easily detected till 4 days if heavily abused or daily usage.


A urine test is most common to find out drug abuse in our society. You can test positive in urine test until 4-5 hours of use. But, the test is still effective for 3-4 days. Also, urine testing is cheap and can be easily done at local levels.


Blood testing is very common to dig out drug abuses. Also, it is considered to be a most accurate way of finding if a person is using drugs. Cocaine testing with the help of blood is also considered authentic because it provides accurate results, most of the time. The detection time frame for normal usage is 5-6 hours. However, for regular addicts, it may result positive for more than a week.


This is not commonly practiced test because it can show positive even after a very long usage. Cocaine starts to appear in your hair after a week of use. It remains detectable for the low amount or first-time users for 80-90 days. However, it remains detectable in hairs of regular or heavy users for a month or even years.

How long does cocaine stay in your system?

So, you know different types of tests and the ability of cocaine to show positive in each, let’s now find out how long does cocaine stay in your system?

Like I said earlier, it depends on several factors; it also greatly depends on how you take it. For example, if taken alone, it can be easily detected in the body for 72 hours. This is an average threshold, for regular users or people having strong metabolism it may change likewise. Also, if you are not an addict but have taken it in a large quantity, you may still result positive after more than 72 hours.

This 72 hours threshold can jump up to days or even weeks if used with other drugs. For example, if cocaine is taken with alcohol, it creates a substance called cocaethylene. Cocaethylene remains present in your metabolism for a very long period of time, sometimes up to 7 days. Usage and addiction factors also put their weight here.

What substances does cocaine create in your liver?

With every drug consumed, it is not the only substance present in your body. Soon as you take any amount of the drug, it formulates certain metabolites and substances. One of them is Benzoylecgonine, it formulates in liver upon cocaine abuse. It may last in your liver from 12-72 hours depending on the amount of use and level addiction of consumer. Benzoylecgonine testing with water is also a common test to find out cocaine abuse.

Benzoylecgonine is not the only substance created in the body. If used with other drugs such as alcohol, metabolism creates another substance Cocaethylene in your liver. It can be detected both in the body or the urine of the addict for 5 days.

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