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Is cocaine water soluble?

Cocaine is a heavy drug and it is used most widely in the United States of America. According Office of National Drug Control Policy approximately 3.6 billion Americans are cocaine addicts. The stats also show, 27 million people were addicted to it in 2014. In just 4 years, the number has risen to the staggering of 3.6 billion and still counting.  This gives to certain questions from the society that includes, how long does cocaine stay in our system? Is cocaine water soluble? What are the effects of cocaine/drugs during pregnancy?

Not only it has become immensely important to answer these questions but also educate our younger generation of its bad impacts.

how long does cocaine stay in your system

Cocaine is a grade II drug, which means it has very less medical application and very prone to abuse. It remains in the body for almost 72 hours, depending on the nature of abuse. However, drug screening tests still can identify cocaine use pass 72 hours.

Is cocaine water soluble?

Cocaine is a water-soluble drug and it can be easily detected by water solution also. Whenever someone uses the drug, during metabolization in the stomach, a substance called Benzoylecgonine is formed. This substance is highly water soluble. After metabolization raw substances are excreted from the body via urine. But urine is where Benzoylecgonine metabolite is easily detected. Presence of this metabolite in the urine indicates cocaine use. Now that we have answer for is cocaine water soluble? Let’s have a little deeper look on other aspects of cocaine abuse.

What are the different tests to verify cocaine abuse?

Cocaine abuse is becoming a norm in American society. Mostly younger generation is indulging in this bad habit. There are a number of tests that can be used to figure out cocaine abuse by any person. However, there are certain factors that put their influence in getting correct results. For example, the biggest impact could be a very little use of a drug that cannot be verified by saliva testing. Also, there are different time frames each of these test results can be trusted. For example, saliva testing can be done only in the immediate 5-10 minutes of the use. Similarly, different tests have different time frames during which they are most effective. Here are some of the drug tests that are carried out from cocaine abuse investigation.

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Few factors that affect drug presence in the body:

Is cocaine water soluble? And can it be tested through urine? Now that you know that cocaine is water soluble and can be detected through urine testing, the way forward is knowing what factors impact its presence in the body.


The amount in which the drug is taken puts a huge impact on its stay in the consumer’s body. The bigger the amount is taken, the longer time it will remain in the body. If it is taken in a little amount, this will also impact its presence in the body.

Addiction level of the consumer:

Addiction level of the consumer also can impact heavily on how long does cocaine stay in your system? However, a simple rule is that people with higher level of addiction will host cocaine for longer times in their body.

BMI and physical endurance:

Yes! BMI and physical endurance and immune capacity to fight diseases and drugs also put its weight here.

Strong Metabolism:

If a person taking cocaine has a strong metabolism, it will also impact drug’s overall stay in the body. Though it depends on the physical fitness of the individual, it is still a great factor.

Cocaine abuse testing methodologies:

There are different testing methodologies to dig out drug abuse by any individual. Here we are listing a few commonly practiced drug abuse testing methods.

is cocaine water soluble

Testing with saliva:

Saliva testing for drug abuse is not very common because of its shorter time span. Saliva testing can only provide accurate results during the earliest 5-10 minutes after use. Though it can be detected in other tests, saliva testing can only provide accurate results in the given timeframe. Time is a major concern here but heavy use may increase this time frame subsequently.

Testing cocaine abuse via urine:

This method is a rather common one to investigate various drug abuse cases. As we already know now that cocaine is water soluble and it forms a benzoylecgonine substance in the stomach. This substance if is present in the urine of any person can be diagnosed with drug abuse. A urine test is most effective only for 5 hours but it can still provide results for up-to 3 days. Amount of drug consumed, person addiction level, immune capacity also affect the presence of cocaine in the urine.

Testing though blood test:

A blood test is a most widely used test for identifying major diseases and it also provides pretty accurate results in cocaine screening as well. Therefore, it is most widely used and considered most authentic than any other tests. A blood test can easily detect cocaine till 5-7 hours, the test can be conducted after more than a week of use.

Hair testing:

Cocaine is also found in the hair of users, but this is not a very legit way of testing cocaine abuse. It can be detected even after 2-3 months.

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