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Relationship tips: how to live a happy life with your partner

God has created pairs for every living organism. Animals, birds, humans all have pairs, and then there is a very lovely feeling that connects the two, love. Love brings male and female together and they form a relationship. But this lovely and cute feeling can be gone by a mere mistake. Ahan, don’t worry, you don’t need to do any heavy lifting to make your relationship work, rather following a handful of simple relationship tips and practicing them would do it. Here, TheInfoCrew is sharing some of the top relationship advice by top relationship experts.

Here are some easy to practice relationship tips to make your married life better:

Never go into a relationship forcefully:

This is the mistake most people make. Even I have made it earlier in my life but here should a full stop to this. Most of the time, we get into a relationship either by forcing our own or by taking pressure from someone else. Both the practices are extremely very very dangerous if you want to live a happy and successful life.

Don’t get a pressure from society, never underestimate yourself, don’t think after marriage thing will start getting sorted, there will be no such thing. Rather you should sit, have a cup of tea and should think about it.

Don’t get into to fix problems:

relationship tips, fix problems


This is the most stupid thing you’ll ever make. Getting into a relationship is never going to solve problems for you, not in most of the cases. Rather it will make them even worse. If you really want your relationship to work, sit together, have a little chat, listen to each other and things sorted out.

But there is no way you can solve your problems after getting into it. Because it is human nature that we accept from our partner and sometimes start guessing about their response to certain things, things become a little complicated. The best way to workout in this regard is meeting often, trying to understand each other, and giving respect.

Be original:

Many times to get involved with your loved one, we fake ourselves, trying to impress someone. This is the worst mistake one will ever make in his lifetime. How can you fake anything from your partner for a lifetime?

So, what’s good when going into a relationship is being original. This is the relation tip number one among all. Never fake, never tell a lie to your partner, doesn’t matter if it’s about your previous life or what, being trusty is going to be most important than anything you’ll ever need.

Always look the best in your partner:

What’s the point, noticing only flaws in your partner? Where would they get you? Can you live happily with that? The answer is a big “No”. On the other hand, if you notice only positive aspects of your partner’s personality, this is going to make you love him/her more, which will eventually result in longer, happier and a healthier relationship.

So, always try to find and focus only on the positive traits of your partner. Try to appreciate every single positive gesture or trait, this will encourage your partner to have more trust in you. Also, it feels happier from inside when you appreciate and persuades counterpart to practice it more.

When you have identified some of the positive traits about your partner, these will also help connect you with a previous experience you’ve had with them. These little experiences will feel romantic, ultimately strengthening the bond of love between the two.

Have fun together:

relationship tips, have fun together

It has been identified and proved through studies that, couples who have more fun together, live together for a long time. Also, the more you get into spending time with each other doing fun, the more closer you will get and the love songs will ring in the ears more. Whenever you have time, you can plan a date, movie, hiking or even a long walk would do the job.

But in today’s busy life, it is rather difficult to find hours to spend like this, rather you need to make your own time. And it is also not a bad idea to take some time off the normal routine and spend it with your partner. After all, it’s for the sake of you two, and it will make both of you happy.

Whenever and whoever, regardless of it, plan dates, get away together on the weekends. A strong and healthy relationship is only possible when you are serious about and that’s the best relationship tip you can get from anyone. Among all the relationship tips, this one is very easy and important to practice.

Have sex more often:

This is the most recommended relationship tips by all experts. Also, Studies have revealed that the couples, who engage in sexual practices often, live happy, strong and healthy relationship. And why not when you two are closer to each other, then there should be no hesitation. Most of the time, people feel embarrassment asking their partner to get intimate with them, rather this should be done more often because it shows that you are better involved in each other.

You should have sex daily, or at least 4-5 times a week. Try to comfort your partner during intercourse, tell them that you love him/her. Try to do it the way your partner likes it. Ask if he/she likes it or not, try to get full involvement from both the sides. This will further increase your trust and love for each other.

Be grateful to each other:

Showing affection, greatness and giving appreciation is a relationship is the most important thing, when you want to make it a lasting one. Research and studies show that people, who appreciate their partners more, often are more satisfied with each other. And the only secret to living a happy life is when you are completely satisfied with your beloved.

It’s obvious when you are appreciated by someone for something, it increases affection and you try to be more affectionate to them. This resulting in both trying to make each other happy and satisfied strengthens the bond of love.

Say thank you more often and let him/her know that you are really satisfied. Do not stay where you are, rather increase the intensity of saying thank you, for example, you can gift something in return as thanks to their good behavior. Also, tell your partner, that their presence your life makes a great difference.

Be good according to your nature:

This is the most important and my favorite among all the relationship tips. Your nature or simply saying, relationship with yourself is what predicts what kind of relationship you would build with others. Studies also reveal that the nature of a person highly impacts his/her commitment to it.

Most of the time research shows that people, who have high self-esteem, tend to have greater satisfaction. Also, these people respond more positively in a state of conflict when they sense their partner’s commitment to the relation.

Start with correcting yourself, and making yourself more acceptable to everyone. It is always better to have a humble and polite nature because you will earn respect in return for that. And that really means a lot for people to get satisfied with anyone, especially with whom they want to spend their quality time.

Avoid making assumptions:

When you are in a relationship for a very long time, or you are dating each other for a long time, you may know how your partner will react on certain occasions. There is nothing bad about it, but when couples start doing it regularly, making assumptions about every single thing, problems may start to arise.

A lot of things can influence your reaction to certain things from time to time, and similar is the case with your partner. People change with the passage of time, their thoughts change, judging too much will not get your anywhere near to each other rather only create distances. Because, most of the time when you judge the reaction of your partner at a certain thing and do not get what you’ve expected, things get complex and ultimately create distances between the couple.

So, the best relationship tips among all is to avoid making assumptions about behaviors. Rather try to express yourself more often, communicate with each other and don’t hide, be original. Also, you should tell your partner what you are expecting of them or what you need from them.

Choose the right person:

All above relationship tips are important but this one has something very much crucial. It is a like a basis of all your married life. Like I said earlier, there are many things and steps you need to take before getting into a relation, choosing a right person is also a prerequisite for a lovely relation. Most relationship experts regard this as having 50% of the job done.

Choosing the right person doesn’t mean beauty, rather a good heart, good behavior and most importantly their consent to being with you. The relationship can only be healthy and beautiful when it is not just limited to the bedroom (physical attraction).

The only focus you should have while making someone your life partner is to have their wholehearted consent and will to live with you. If any of the couples don’t really enjoy each other’s company, the relationship won’t be happy.


Healthy relationships and lovely couples don’t just happen; rather both individuals need to work on it to make their relationship more lovely and happy. At any stage of your relationship, you can implement these tips. Tell us how you feel about these relationship tips and also mention which one are you going to try on your partner for a better journey of your life.

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