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Smith, Bancroft ball tampering: what actually happened

A series is being played between South Africa and Australia in Cape Town. In the third test match and on the 3rd day, Aussie batsman, Cameron Bancroft was seen trying to rub the ball with a yellow substance. Allegedly ball tampering.

Cameron Bancroft tampered the ball:

The Aussie batsman Cameron Bancroft had the ball and he took some yellow substance out of his pocket before rubbing the ball. The television cameras were quick to identify something in the hands of the player.

He actually took some foreign object from his pocket, rubbed the ball with it and then hid it in the trousers. However, he could not escape television cameras. The footage of Bancroft’s action was seen live on the television.

Once the umpires were told about the alleged tampering of the ball, they questioned Cameron about the object. But knowing the fact he is going to be questioned, the Aussie batsman tried to hide the yellow object, supposedly a tape, down in his trousers.

Steve Smith, Cameron Bancroft admit ball tampering:

smith ball tampering

The captain of team Australia admitted in an after-match press conference that they have tried to tamper the ball, and it was preplanned.

He said, “The leadership group knew about it. We spoke about it at lunch.”

Further adding to his statement Smith said, “I’m not proud of what has happened. It’s not within the spirit of the game, my integrity, team’s integrity and the leadership integrity has come into question too and it is rightfully so.”

28-year-old captain Smith also said, he is not going to resign as the captain. “It’s not on and it won’t happen again in my leadership.”

“I won’t consider stepping down –  I still think I am the right person for the job. This is something I am not proud of but can hopefully learn from. I’m embarrassed to be sitting here talking about this.”

ICC charged Bancroft amid Smith’s admitting to ball tamper:

Bancroft has been charged by the International Cricket Council. But the details have not been revealed on the charge sheet as yet. The cricket board of Australia has launched an investigation into the event.

Australian Board demands resignation from Smith, Warner:

Following the admittance of ball tampering by Steve Smith, the Australian Cricket Board has asked resignation from both Captain and Voice captain of the team. Earlier in his statement Smith said he will not resign. But now both have to resign.

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